"Prime Time is awesome! The best child care decission I have ever made. And, the last one I will ever have to make!"

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About Prime Time Academy

Welcome To Prime Time Academy Child Care and Pre-School
Prime Time Academy is a family owned and operated business founded in 1995. We now operate 2 child care centers located in the South St. Louis County and the Northern Jefferson County areas. Our centers are Missouri State Licensed with highly experienced Directors and well trained teachers. Prime Time is a diverse family center that serves all economic levels and ethnic origins. We are proud of the reputation we have earned in the child care industry. We know that you have a choice. At Prime Time your satisfaction is absolutely assured, and backed up with our "No IF's, AND's or BUT's total guarantee" You have our word on it, and the owner's telephone number.

Our Guarentee To You
If, at any time, you are unhappy with your Prime Time Experience and want to leave, we will pay your registration fee at another school. NO IF'S AND'S OR BUT'S!
Call now to schedule a tour... or just to talk.
South County - (314) 892-1550                Arnold/Imperial (636) 464-7476

Our Philosophy
A child's learning, growth and development...and ultimate success...is built on the foundation of family, community and shared values. Prime Time Academy exists to nuture and reinforce these values and to guide our children: physically, socially, cognitively and emotionally. Prime Time is where children flourish and where children are cherished.

"...we could go to work and relax knowing Katie's care at Prime Time was just about as close to parent's love and affection as she could get away from us. You have been GREAT teachers. GREAT substitute parents and WONDERFUL friends."
                   Pat Greg and Katie

"The Prime Time Director goes above and beyond the call of duty to provide her staff members with the imformation and direction they need to be the best at what they do...caring for kids."
                   Phylis Lasky-Hennessey, M.A.

Our Mission
Prime Time provide's the highest quality traditional based child care to all the children we teach and care for at a reasonable price. We are dedicated to providing children with a warm, caring, safe environment that allows each individual child to reach their potential. We seek to guide the children in our care through a play and learn environment which supports their physical, emotional, and cognitive development. Prime Time is a leader in child education and family solutions. The Prime Time experience has a positive impact on your child and inspires lifelong learning.

Our Commitment
Prime Time will provide extraordinary care and education for all children in an environment where children and parents feel respected and safe. We will help each child develop fully-emotionally, socially, intellectually and physically. Prime Time will employ staff who are knowledgeable in the field of child growth and development and understand the importance of nurturing a partnership with parents to benefit the child. Prime Time will encourage children to problem solve, offering choices when appropriate, and trust their ability to learn and make decisions. Prime Time will strive to teach lifelong skills and lessons: Honesty, Trust, Innovation, Love of Learning and Passion for Excellence.

Would you say...."I sure hope the Cardinals have an ordinary season and finish in the middle of the pack."
"Honey, let's go out for an ordinary dinner and follow it up with an ordinary movie that nobody really wants to see."
Doesn't your child deserve better than ordinary?

Our Approach
At Prime Time we reinforce traditional values... like respect, common courtesy, politeness and manners. Our children know the magic words... "please" and "thank you". The Prime Time difference is evident as soon as you walk through the door. Rather than chaos... even controlled chaos... you can feel the calm orderliness of children learning... and having fun doing it. Yes, we're kind of old fashioned this way. But we believe that as a teacher works with a child, the child learns self esteem; when teachers clean up play areas with children - and when children clean up after themselves - children learn about an orderly life and self responsibility; when teachers say "no", children learn limits; when teachers hug, hold and comfort a child, a child learns about love, trust and supportive relationships with adults.

Our Teachers
Our teachers are, quite simply, incomparable. collectively, they are better trained, more experienced, and more committed, motivated and dedicated than the industry standard. Your child's teachers are always accessible, and are always willing to lend assistance. They give more to your child than we - or you - could ever attempt to repay. They deserve our utmost respect and courtesy. How do we attract and retain the best teachers for your child? In addition to a stimuating professional environment, we provide our teachers with one of the best and most comprehensive benefit packages in the industry, including: paid personal leave days, a generous vacation plan with up to four weeks paid vacation, professional development and advancement opportunity, health insurance, matched employer contibutions to a 401K plan, and more. These are some of the ways we attract the absolute best teachers for your child, and why Prime Time's teacher turnover is among the lowest in the industry... assuring you and your child of the continuity that is so important.

Our Results
"They all laughed when I said my childcare was better than grandma". That's what a Prime Time parent told us, and we think it makes our point perfectly; we understand that your child is the most important person on earth. And we provide your child with love and attention and guidance and, yes, discipline. All of this, combined with our award winning academic program and your positive involvement, assures your child's readiness for school and for life. You absolutely cannot do better for your child than Prime Time Academy... at any price. On this you have out solemn promise and our written guarantee. But talk is cheap... and lots of centers talk about their "program". These pages contain excerpts from some of the hundreds of cards, letters and notes that we have received from parents, teachers, administrators and other professionals about Prime Time Academy... people right here in the community. Every one of these is reproduced in it's entirety in the "Book of Prime Time" and awaits your review at our school. We invite you to stop in... anytime... and see for yourself. Look through the "Book of Prime Time", with page after page of the hundreds of letters we received from parents just like you... and from their kid's teachers. Experience the Prime Time difference. Prime Time Academy makes the best child care affordable.

Prime Time Academy
Preschool and Child Care

5181 Warren Rd
Imperial MO. 63052
(636) 464-7476

2338 Lemay Ferry Road.
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